Roller Shutter Operator

The CDO-300 Rolling Door Operator is available with a 2.2kw, 400v Three Phase Brake Motor. This model can be fitted with a Hand Crank or High Level Hand Chain System which enables the roller shutter door to be manually opened & closed when required.

• Safety Interlock Switch for Manual Operation
• Integral Thermal Protection
• 40mm Dia. industry standard output shaft
• I.P. 54 Environment Protection
• Gear Driven Limit Switches
• Phosphor Bronze Worm Wheel
• High starting Torque - Industrial Duty Motor

Stock Code(s):
3ph (24rpm): 21-0950 (WGI), 21-0952 (HCR)
3ph (45rpm): 21-0951 (WGI), 21-0953 (HCR)
Power (kW) 2.2
Torque (Nm) 518/370
Output Speed (rpm) 24/45
Operating Voltage / Phase 400V 3ph 50Hz
Motor Current (A) 6.4
Protection Rating (IP) 54
Output Shaft (mm) ∅40
Manual Override WGI, HCR