Swing Gate Accessories

• Control unit for two motors for swing gate
• 24 V DC, without housing, transformer 250 VA
• Built-in receiver
• With electronic clutch and slowdown in opening and closing
• Control board only

Stock Code: 178460
CBX20224H CBX20224
Power Supply (L-N) 230 v AC (+10%-15%)50/60 h Z 24 V DC (+10%-15%)
Rated Power Maximum 280W
Photocell Power Supply Output 24 V DC (without regulation) max. 250mA
Output for V AC accessories power/device test power V DC 24 V AC without regulation 200 mA / 24 V DC without regulation 250 mA
Flashing Light Output 24 V DC (without regulation) 15 W
Courtesy Light Output 24 V DC (without regulation) 15 W
Electric Lock Output 12 V AC 15 VA max.
Gate Open Warning Light Output 24 V DC (without regulation) 5 W
Antenna Input 50 Ω type cable RG58
Operating Temperature Range -20 °C to +55 °C
Accessory Fuses 2 AT
Power Supply Line Fuses 1.6 AT
Radio Receiver Built In bi·linked 868 MHz
Max Number Transmitters 200
Protection Class IP54 IPXX
Control Unit Dimensions 222 W x 110 D x 275 H mm
Weight 3.93kg 2.45kg