Radar Detection for your door

The 2 Channel device for vehicle & person detection ensures swift traffic in and out of the areas using door automation. Adjustable, the radar contains a planar microwave technology which provides high detection.

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Radar Detection for your door.

• 2 Channel device for vehicle & person detection.
• Planar microwave technology.
• Cross traffic suppression
• Object tracking function.
• Various adjustment options of relay function.
• Nine pre-configured comfort profiles for typical door applications.
• Adjustments with pushbutton at the device or with optional remote control.

How it works?

A radar has a distance of 10m, known as it’s sensing field. When an vehicle/person is detected in the sensing field, the radar then sends a signal to the control panel. An optional remote control allows simple access to setup functions from ground level.

Dimensions 135x65x130mm (WxHxD)
Power Supply 12…27 VAC / 12…30 VDC
IP Rating 65
Max Mounting Height 7m


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