Smart product talque with us

Smart product talque with us: during and after R+T 2021

Smart product talque with us

We use the opportunities of digitalization - and present our product innovations digitally this year under the motto #TOGETHER! We are not only at the R+T digital 2021, but around the fair we have organized a program for you, with which you will not miss any important product presentation.

With the digital events of the Marantec Company Group, you as a customer benefit in many ways through:

  • exclusive product launches and presentations
  • on request 1:1 conversations with our experts
  • exchange with other customers
  • download of exclusive product information
  • further events in the course of the year

Our medium for this is called Talque. This event app is easy and convenient for you to use. You can participate in our presentations via smartphone, tablet or PC. All you need is a Talque user account and, if applicable, the app for your mobile device.

How to participate

Download the Talque app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or visit Register there. In the registration process, you will be asked for an event code. This code will add you directly to our event and get you started.

Code: together2021