Tube Motors, Control Equipment and Accessories

The EURODRIVE tubular motor range are available in different torque sizes from 20-500Nm. Link Controls also has a wide range of accessories to suit.

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Tube Motors, Control Equipment and Accessories

The EURODRIVE tubular motors are a popular choice for rolling shutter doors in applications such as garage doors, shop fronts, office windows and security. Other popular uses include small roller blinds and awnings.

• EURODRIVE 12 - 12Nm
• EURODRIVE 20 - 20Nm
• EURODRIVE 50 - 50Nm
• EURODRIVE 120 - 120Nm

• EURODRIVE 60 - 60Nm
• EURODRIVE 120 - 120Nm
• EURODRIVE 150 - 150Nm
• EURODRIVE 230 - 230Nm
• EURODRIVE 330 - 330Nm
• EURODRIVE 500 - 500Nm

• TAO-RD/X 18mm Square Bore
• TA0-RD/Z 18mm Square Bore
• TSN0-F 18mm Square Bore
• TC 1/2 RD 30mm Round Bore

• EURODRIVE 110M - 110Nm

Tube motors which have a manual override system will come with an override eye which when attached to a hand crank will allow manual hand winding of the shutter if power has failed.

Looking to group key switches with multiple tubular motors? Ideal for commercial property with multiple shutters, the 2-10 way group controllers can make it simple opening a group of shutters using deadman control with a master keyswitch or by single command using individual keyswitches.

UPS Battery Back-Up is available for the EURODRIVE tubular motor range which offers a back-up power option if mains failure occurs. Different power options are available to suit the power of tube motor. These highly efficient systems have an intelligent sleep mode for extended standby times of DAYS not hours.

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