MWD-BP Radar & MWD-RC Remote


• 2 Channel device for vehicle & person detection
• Planar microwave technology
• Cross traffic suppression
• Object tracking function
• Various adjustment options of relay function
• Nine pre-configured comfort profiles for typical door applications
• Adjustments with pushbutton at the device or with optional remote control

Stock Code(s): 37-4022 (MWD BP-C Radar), 37-4021 (Transmitter)
Power Supply 12-27 VAC / 12-30 VDC
Dimensions 135x65x130mm (HxBxD)
Temperature Range

-20°C upto +60°C
-30°C upto +75°C
Humidity: <95% not condensing
Frequency Typ. 24, 125 GHz
Transmitting Power (EIRP): 100mW
Typ. 40 mW, Max
Output Relay
          Max. turn on voltage
          Min. turn on voltage

1A at 30 V AC/DC
1mA / 5 VDC
Max. Mounting Height: