Voice Simulated Warning

Fire Door Controls

• Output Sound:- User Recordable
• Operating Voltage:- 24Vd.c.
• Enclosure:- IP 52
• One or Two Messages
• Intermittent Warning Tone
• Output 105db at 1 Metre

Stock Code: 33-6007
Nominal Output 105dB(A) @ 1m +/- 3dB - Tone 2*[96dB(A) @ 10ft/3m]
No. of Tones 49 (UKOOA/PFEER compliant)
No. of Stages 3
Volume Control Max. 105dB(A); Min. 96dB(A) - Tone 2
Voltage 16-28vdc via Zener barrier or galvanic isolator
Current 25mA typical when powered from 24v supply
via 28v 300 Ohm Zener barrier
Protection Level IP.66
Cable Entries 2 x M20 clearance gland knockouts. Custom
configurations also available.
Operating Temperature -40° to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
Weight 0.75kg/1.65Ibs